ABLAZE ain’t a youth but a movement. We focus on creating valuable relationships and to be go-getters in life. We have a strong teaching ministry whereby we teach youngsters deep things of the word in a way that keeps them wanting more of God. We play instruments, enjoy acting, singing, dancing, skateboarding, football, graphic designing and it’s all for Christ.

I would recommend any youngster in our area that wants to be involved in an activity or would like to know more about Christ to join us. Our vision is not to increase the masses but to increase the Christ in you and help you either grow or identify your purpose in life whilst having fun discovering it.
Your life is a journey not a destination and we surely would like to be a part of yours!

Reach out to us on our website; www.bcmchurch.org.za

Your life will never be the same, see you soon

in His Service

Rumen du Plessis

Teach. Train. Teamwork


“My name is Patrick Kabeya, I’m 14 years old. BCM is my home and this is where God has groomed me to what I am today. Glory to His Holy Name. Through BCM Ablaze, I’ve grown so much, not only in my personal relationship with God but also in my musical gifts. My Father’s teachings are just phenomenal and the anointing at BCM so great. Having given my youth unto God is the best thing I could have ever done. Soon to be released is my album: “Swimming ithn your love”. Also check out my you tube channel link below and like my videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDvcb-tJrxkhXfvN6FnW86g”

Patrick Kabeya